Increase-Your-Chances-for-Success-in-2020-Karate-Fit-USAWe’re about a week into the new year. If you set resolutions for 2020, how are things going so far?

If you feel like you might be starting to waver, you’re not alone. By mid-February, over eighty percent of people who set new year’s resolutions will have abandoned their goals.

If the majority of resolution-ers never experience success, you might be wondering if it’s even worth it to try. Of course it is! And here are a few ways to increase your chances for success in 2020:

1. Set specific intentions.

One reason why so many people give up on their resolutions is a lack of specificity. Let’s say you resolve to “get better at martial arts.” At first glance, this resolution sounds great. Who doesn’t want to improve? But what do you want to improve? How will you know when you’ve gotten better? Without a clear way to measure your progress, you’re likely to give up or forget about your intention altogether. To increase your chances for success, define what “better” means to you. Is it a specific belt rank? To learn a particular technique? To stop skipping out on classes? There is no right answer here; you decide what to focus on.

2. Focus on one behavior.

While it’s great that you want to make significant changes in multiple areas, taking on too many goals or resolutions can leave you feeling overwhelmed to the point that you give up on everything altogether. For example, resolving to wake up earlier, begin a meditation practice, go to more martial arts classes, volunteer in your community, give up fast food or sugar, watch less TV, and start a gratitude journal is tough to take on all at the same time. Rather than getting overwhelmed and giving up on everything, choose one (perhaps two) areas to prioritize and put all your energy toward sticking with that change for the next several months.

3. Take small steps.

When starting something new, whether it’s a new habit, activity, or routine, it’s easy to be excited at the beginning and charge full steam ahead. Even though it’s hard to hold yourself back, starting with small steps is more likely to result in a long-term and sustainable change. For example, if you’re just getting started with a martial arts practice, you might be tempted to go to class every single day. And that seems great! Until you miss a day and feel like you somehow messed up. Rather than ramping up too quickly, take your time and focus on learning and having fun. Take smaller steps, and you’re more likely to stick with pursuing your goals.

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