Stay-Motivated-in-Your-Martial-Arts-Practice-Karate-Fit-USAGetting started with a martial arts practice is usually fun and exciting! You’re learning all kinds of new things and meeting new people. At this point in your practice, your motivation level is probably pretty high, and you find yourself looking forward to each of your classes.

Over time, it’s normal for your motivation level to ebb and flow. Once the novelty wears off, how can you maintain your motivation and excitement? Here are a few tips to stay motivated in your martial arts practice:

1. Define (or Re-Define) Your Purpose.

If you think back to when you were just getting started with martial arts, what was it that got you interested? Did you want to learn self-defense techniques? Were you looking for a way to lose weight that didn’t involve a treadmill? Perhaps you wanted to meet and make some new friends? Once you’ve revisited what got you started, the next question to ask yourself is “why”? Why was it important for you to learn self-defense, improve your fitness, or meet new people? This “why” is an excellent source of motivation. On those days where your motivation isn’t there, revisit this why – your purpose for pursuing martial arts. Focusing on your why is a helpful reminder and can help you regain some of that lost momentum.

2. Focus On and Enjoy the Process.

A martial arts practice is a marathon, not a sprint. After a few weeks, you’ll settle into a routine and probably begin to realize that some of your martial arts goals will take several months to achieve. Once you have a long-term goal, it’s helpful to shift your focus to the process. Shifting your attention to the small steps that you can make in each class keeps you more motivated to continue working hard. If your mind wanders too far in the future, you may wonder if you’ll ever reach a certain belt rank, etc. This thought process can be discouraging, so bring yourself back to the present and think about what you can do today. You’ll have much more fun if you can adopt this process-oriented mindset, too.

3. Continue to Develop and Refine Your Skills.

Like any other skill-based sport or activity, once you’re introduced to a particular technique or skill, your practice of that skill never really ends. The fundamental skills you learn as a beginner never become less important. Instead, you continually work to refine what you’ve learned in the past. The persistent pursuit of mastery can help you stay motivated to work on always getting better.

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