Martial-Arts-Resolutions-Karate-Fit-USAAs a new year (and decade) approaches, now is your opportunity to revisit your martial arts goals and plan what you’ll tackle next. Here are a few suggestions of some martial arts resolutions for the new year:

1. Increase your class attendance.

If your weekly class attendance has dropped off in the past several months, set a goal to increase your training sessions. If you want to improve your martial arts skills and increase your fitness, it can be tough to feel successful if you’re only training once a week. Aim for an average weekly attendance of two to three classes.

2. Learn something new.

No matter how much you enjoy martial arts, at some point you might feel a little bored with the same old routine. The longer you train, the more important it is to find ways to continue learning and refining your skills. Which makes learning something new a great resolution for the new year. Commit to trying a new style, skill, class, or instructor to keep some variety in your practice.

3. Acknowledge your successes.

When you’re in the process of continually setting and achieving goals, it’s easy to overlook the importance of acknowledging your successes. When you accomplish a goal, take time to celebrate. Going a long time without rewarding your hard work and effort can lead to a drop in motivation and training consistency. So give yourself an extra pat on the back for what you’ve accomplished and boost your self-confidence and motivation.

4. Learn from mistakes and setbacks.

Bouncing back from a setback without letting it affect you or your training takes practice. If you’ve struggled to learn from your mistakes, then work on this skill in the coming year. Keep an open mind and remind yourself that mistakes are a part of growing, learning, and improving.

5. Create a recovery routine.

Perhaps a training goal for the new year will focus on recovery. Creating a recovery routine can be as simple as five to ten minutes of mobility work after a class. Making sure you’re getting in the proper recovery in between classes could make a huge difference in your martial arts training this year.

Karate Fit USA in Lawrence wishes you and your family all the best in the coming year. To learn more about how you can get started on your martial arts goals and resolutions, contact us today.