Get-to-Know-Karate-Fit-USA-Lawrence-NJAt Karate Fit USA in Lawrence, NJ, we aim to support our students with their martial arts goals and improve the health of mind, body, and spirit.

We offer a variety of classes for those who are interested in studying martial arts. Get to know the programs we offer at Karate Fit USA. We have something for all different ages and levels:

Little Ninjas Karate

Our Little Ninja Karate class is for ages 3-5 years old. Our instructors keep their classes safe, fun, and exciting through martial arts drills, skill games, and challenging obstacle courses. We take pride in our curriculum which immerses your child in an environment where they can be physically active while building strong character traits.

Children’s Karate

Our Children’s Karate program is broken up into three levels: Samurai, Panther, and Dragon. Your kids will progressively improve as each class builds skills introduced in previous sessions. Beyond martial arts instruction, we steer your child in the right direction in all areas of life while providing a fun and safe program.

Young Adult & Adult Karate

People choose to participate in martial arts for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to mix up their workout routine and avoid boredom. Others are looking for a long-term activity that benefits areas of their lifestyle beyond physical fitness. No matter your martial arts goals, you will learn the basic techniques and then build on these skills in the future.

Sword Class

Sword classes always emphasize safety and respect. Students start with foam and wood practice swords before moving on to a blunted steel sword. Once you have shown you have a safe grasp of basic movements, you’ll move on to practicing your skills with tatami mats and bamboo.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team intends to develop leadership skills in our students. Students can apply these leadership qualities at school and the workplace. The team is made up of highly motivated individuals with a mix of both Black Belts and non-black belts.

Tournament Team

The Tournament Team is a special group of students who wish to further his or her training through tournament competitions. We provide these students with training to excel in tournament competitions while maintaining good sportsmanship and healthy competition.

Black Belt Club

Our Black Belt Club is designed to help students reach their full potential as martial artists. The primary objective of the Black Belt Club is to help students attain their personal best. We emphasize skill and technique, physical ability, and moral character, known as the “Black Belt Attitude.” This club is available for current and future black belts.


This kickboxing program will get you into shape – you’ll burn calories while toning muscles. The kickboxing class is 75% kicking and punching a freestanding target (no physical contact) while reducing tension and stress. You’ll also learn valuable self-defense techniques.

KarateFit Training

KarateFit training is an intense and efficient full-body workout. You will get your body moving using interval training, strength training, as well as stretching.

KarateFit is a fun, family-oriented martial arts school. Contact us today to get started.