Character-Building-Through-Martial-Arts-Karate-Fit-USAWhen your child participates in martial arts, they are immersed in an environment that promotes the development of their character. Here are eight character building skills that kids practice through martial arts:

1. Focus

Through listening and reaction skills, your child will develop focus. Better focus translates to moving faster in any physical activity, as well as becoming a better listener at home and school.

2. Teamwork

In martial arts class, your child learns how to work with others with confidence. This character building skill helps them become a better leader in life.

3. Control

Martial arts teaches kids to remain in control. In any physical or social interaction, staying in control leads to making good decisions.

4. Balance

Developing good balance through martial arts makes many physical activities easier. Good balance also promotes better posture and is crucial to develop at an early age.

5. Memory

Kids develop their memory skills through martial arts drills. These drills are like exercise for the brain and help your child to think, process, and make smart decisions.

6. Discipline

Our instructors use martial arts drills to establish and reward discipline through positive feedback, like big smiles and high fives. Kids take pride in doing the correct thing and create a willingness to follow directions.

7. Fitness

Martial arts shows kids that being healthy and physically fit can be fun and exciting. Starting a fun fitness habit as a kid forms the foundation for being a healthy adult.

8. Coordination

Martial arts promotes not only hand-eye coordination but also foot-eye coordination. Developing coordination can help your child prevent injuries and physically prepare for participation in sports and activities.

At Karate Fit USA in Lawrence, we offer safe and fun martial arts instruction in our Little Ninja Karate classes. This kids program is for ages three to five where kids learn through drills, skill games, and challenging obstacle courses. To learn more about enrolling your child, contact us today.