Once you’ve created one or two martial arts goals, what can you do to increase your chances for success? Here are four ways to successfully achieve your martial arts goals:

1. Set SMART Goals.

Setting SMART goals can help you be more successful in your martial arts practice. A SMART goal is specific, clearly defined, and measurable. SMART goals are also achievable and relevant to your martial arts training and lifestyle. Finally, a SMART goal has a timeline attached to it.

2. Recognize Common Obstacles.

Another way to increase your odds of reaching your martial arts goals is to recognize your potential obstacles. Think of what has a history of standing in your way. What obstacles have a good chance of popping up in the future? If you recognize your obstacles now, then you have a better chance of coming up with a plan on how you will overcome them. You won’t be able to plan for all the challenges that you’ll face as you work toward a goal, but the less you’re caught off guard, the more likely you are to keep making progress.


3. Monitor Your Progress.

Goals aren’t something that you can set and forget. Once you start working toward a goal, also keep track of your progress. Create a record of all you’ve done to get closer to success. Having a log of all the work you’ve done creates a tangible way that you can see all the hard work you’ve put into your training. On the days that you’re feeling like no progress is happening, it can be motivating to look back at what you’ve done.

4. Build Self-Discipline.

When you’re working toward a goal, there are no shortcuts or magic pills that accelerate your success. In martial arts, it comes down to patience, hard work, and consistent practice. The more self-discipline you develop, the more likely you are to show up for a class or training session instead of skipping out on it.

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