At Karate Fit USA, you will find a friendly atmosphere conducive to learning the martial arts and making new friends that will help keep you on your path of developing body, mind and spirit. Students of all ages will benefit from training at our facility surpassing their highest goals.

Our school provides a family friendly environment where everyone can train and enjoy learning and achieving goals. Classes combine the fun and excitement of martial arts training into weekly lessons designed to strengthen our student’s mental and physical development. Further, we have Instructors and Students that speak Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish and other languages, to help our students that are not native English speakers!

Martial arts is much more than just kicks and punches! Not only will you learn self-defense but also many children experience better grades, much better behavior, and a great, healthy boost in self-esteem. Through setting goals and advancing through the ranking system of the martial arts, your child will develop ambition, determination, and pride in their accomplishments.

Through practicing their techniques, they’ll learn discipline, and the value of hard work. By paying attention in class to instructors and fellow students, they’ll learn patience, focus and respect. These qualities will stay with them for life, helping them grow into strong, responsible, caring adults.


Our school opened back in the 1980s at a different location, and we have continued to grow and evolve ever since! Many of our current black belts started when they were 5 or even younger, and continue to improve as students, as teachers, and as people!

Karate Fit USA was founded to promote self-defense and self-development. Our instructors incorporate many valuable techniques from a combination of styles in their diverse backgrounds: Rykyu Kempo (pressure points self-defense), Traditional Japanese Karate, Small Circle Jujitsu (finger and joint locks), Modern Arnis (Filipino weapons), Tang Soo Do (Korean karate), Tae Kwon Do (Korean sport karate), Judo and Jujitsu (grappling techniques), and MMA training.

We hope to all avoid altercations, and much of our training and mindset allows us to do just that. However, we do use practical self-defense techniques from these various styles and approaches to maximize our odds if a fight should happen. No one style has all the answers, and we help our students discover what works for them. Best of all, the process of training brings benefits that are important even if no “fight” ever happens!

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Kristen Updike-Black
Kristen Updike-BlackFounder
Kristen began training in the 90s, and her passion for the martial arts led her to establish Karate Fit USA at our current location, as well as a sister school in SC!
Mark Swingle
Mark SwingleOwner and Chief Instructor
Sensei Swingle came to Karate Fit USA in 2004, having already earned multiple black belts in other Japanese martial arts, including 10 years living in Japan. He has been training since 1986, and is looking forward to another 30 years of improving!
Dominick Piccinetti
Dominick PiccinettiSenior Instructor
Sensei Piccinetti started in our Little Ninja Program, and has continued to train hard and earn his 3rd Degree Black Belt. He runs most of the kids’ programs, and knows a lot of Tournament and Grappling tricks for our kids and adults alike!
Charles Christine
Charles ChristineInstructor
Edgar Relevante Sr.
Edgar Relevante Sr.Instructor
Edgar Relevante Jr.
Edgar Relevante Jr.Instructor
Grandmaster Black
Grandmaster BlackSpecial Advisor
Grandmaster Black is focused on the SC school, but continues to visit our school for seminars, tests and advanced training, sharing his decades of experience with various martial arts and Chinese healing and pressure point knowledge.
Leadership Team
Leadership TeamFuture Instructors!
Our Leadership Team is comprised of motivated teenagers who want to grow not only as practitioners, but as role models and assistant instructors for others. Our LT Program helps them develop these skills and continue their progress toward becoming Sensei.

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