At Karate Fit USA you will find a friendly atmosphere conducive to learning the martial arts, making new friends that will help keep you on your path of coordinating body mind and spirit. Students of all ages will benefit from training at our facility surpassing their highest goals.

Our school is a family friendly environment where the whole family can train and have fun learning and goal setting. Classes combine fun and excitement of martial arts training with weekly lessons designed to strengthen our student’s mental and physical development.

Martial arts is so much more than just kicks and punches. Not only will you learn self-defense but also many children experience better grades, much better behavior, and a great, healthy boost in self-esteem. Through setting goals and advancing through the ranking system of the martial arts, your child will develop ambition, drive and determination.

Through practicing their moves, they’ll learn discipline, and the value of hard work. And by paying attention in class, and respecting their instructors and fellow students, they’ll learn patience, respect and courtesy. These qualities will stay with them for life, helping them grow into strong, responsible, caring adults.


At Karate Fit USA we recognize the need for realistic self-defense applications and teach a diverse selection of techniques. We offer a well-organized curriculum and an exceptional ranking system.

Karate Fit USA was founded because of the public’s overwhelming interest in the Martial Arts. At Karate Fit USA our instructors teach many valuable techniques in a combination of styles: Rykyu Kempo (pressure points self-defense), Small Circle Jujitsu (finger and joint locks), Modern Arnis (Filipino weapons), Tang Soo Do (Korean karate), Tae Kwon Do (Korean sport karate), Jujitsu (grappling techniques) and MMA training.

These arts are vast and always evolving, so students should keep an open mind as they continue to develop Martial Arts skills and endlessly refine their abilities.

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Kristen Updike-Black
Kristen Updike-BlackChief Instructor/Founder
Mark Swingle
Mark SwingleSenior Instructor
Charles Christine
Charles ChristineSenior Instructor
Dominick Piccinetti
Dominick PiccinettiLead Instructor
Edgar Relevante Sr.
Edgar Relevante Sr.Instructor
Edgar Relevante Jr.
Edgar Relevante Jr.Instructor
Barry Black
Barry BlackInstructor

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